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Silk Screen Blank DVD-R

DVD Silk Screening or Printing is a simple process if you start with a Premium Blank DVD-R Disc and a professional Silk Screen printing Process.

So what is a Premium Disc?

Premium Discs have excellent stability, compatibility, reliability and archival-ability characteristics to meet the toughest Military and commercial applications today. All of our customers including the military: DOD, US navy, Air force, government agencies and commercial customers such as Radiology Labs, major hospitals and Photo Labs require at least 50 years of archival life for all recordable media (DVD-R). Most recordable consumer discs have a very short life (Under a year). eDocpublish uses the best disc in the world made by the inventor of the recordable media “TAIYO YUDEN

So, what is Silk Screen Disc?


Software, On-demand Orders, Just in Time manufacturing, Church Weekly Sermons, Short Run Movies




120 mm Diameter

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Spot Colors, CYMK+W, Matt and CYMK+W and Pantone


Your purchase is backed by our normal 100% swim-through-alligator-infested-waters-to-use-these-Discs-money-back-guarantee, which means if you aren’t so thrilled with these Discs that you’d swim through alligator infested waters to get them back if a friend or co-worker took them from you and went on vacation on a tropical island surrounded by alligators then just let me know and I’ll refund your credit card! How’s that for an iron-clad guarantee?!

Simple One Color


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Simple Two Color


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