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UPSP Approved Disc Mailer SLV50

The perfect Disc mailer for membership or Direct mail. This USPS Approved Disc Mailer SLV50 has 2 pockets one for a tri-fold letter and the second one for the Suspended DISC. The Sleeve has a Flap, zip strip and Peal & Seal (just like a Mini FedEx Envelop).

eDoc Publish Inc. provides turn key solution for Direct mail projects using DVD mailers, DVD Replication, CD Duplication, CD-ROM Replication, Low Cost Media Mailer, Full Color Printed

The Printing, production, Replication, Manufacturing and the pressing of the of the CD-ROM or DVD are made in our facilities in the United states.


CD-ROM and DVD are Replicated Unless otherwise Specified

50 (Duplication) $5.99 $6.99
100 (Duplication) $4.99 $5.99
200 (Duplication) $3.99 $4.99
300 (Duplication) $2.99 $3.49
500 (Duplication) $1.99 $2.49
1,000 $1.49 $1.69
2,000 $1.29 $1.39
5,000 $0.98 $1.19
10,000 $Call $Call

Address Printing Service

  • Process data from disc or e-mail Address
  • Standardize and eliminate Dupes
  • Mail Stream Sortation
  • Eliminate Undeliverable
  • Non-Automation Sort; residuals
  • Create Ink Jet File
  • Process Residuals
  • Inkjet print names and address on mailers
  • Cases ran for automated postal discounts
  • Sort, tie & tray
Items Price/Unit
Direct Mail Service, Address printing (First CLass Postage Included) $1.19
Sealing of Mailer $0.05
Setup Fee $125
Delivery to Post office $45

The price includes

  • CD Printing, Data Copying and Verification are included
  • Engineering Setup
  • 4 Panel Full Color Printed Sleeve/Mailer on a card stock
  • Tooling
  • Film
  • Screens
  • Setup
  • No hidden Fees

Turn Time:

  • 1-3 Working Days for CD-R or DVD-R Duplication
  • 5-7 Working days for CD-ROM or DVD Replication
  • Same Day or 24 Hours turnaround time is available for a fee

Call 714-368-9000 for Instructions on How to Download Templates


Optional Items Price/Unit
Production Sleeve Print Sample $175
Disc Print Sample $175
Bar code Registration (Printing bar code is Free) $125
Check Disc $175
Seal the Flap $0.05
Shrink Wrap $0.10
White Color Base $0.05
Complete Graphics Design Package (sleeve + Disc) $395

Direct Mail Service

eDoc Publish provides Direct Mail Service to our customers at
a cost effective rate. Note: Prices do not include postage.

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Your purchase is backed by our normal 100% swim-through-alligator-infested-waters-to-use-these-Digipaks-and-Discs-money-back-guarantee, which means if you aren’t so thrilled with these Digipaks and the Discs that you’d swim through alligator infested waters to get them back if a friend or co-worker took them from you and went on vacation on a tropical island surrounded by alligators then just let me know and I’ll refund your credit card! How’s that for an iron-clad guarantee?!

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