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Express Yourself with Beautiful Professional Custom Printed CDs & DVDs

Silk Screen Disc

Express Yourself with Beautiful Professional Custom Printed CDs & DVDs

So, what is Silk Screen Disc?

CD and DVD silkscreen printing is typically used for printing large quantities of discs. CD silkscreen printers apply ink to a screen which penetrate areas of the screen that are not blocked by the stencil. The Printing process for CD-R Silk Screening, DVD-R Silk Screening, Blu Ray Silk Screening or Replicated Discs is the same.

A typical Silk Screening Machine has 5 Print Heads. These heads can be configured with a variety of color combination from Pantone Color management (PMS) colors to four-color process (CYMK) and metallic. You have many color options in Disc silk screen printing technology than in label printing.

Silk Screening allows you to print full Color on the Disc with white and silver background. The result is a high-quality, attractive professional looking Disc, water resistant, scratch resistant, last longer and cheaper to produce in volume.

Virtually all Software and Music are Silk Screened. Video Disc (DVD or Blu Ray) are typically Offset Printed.

 Printing 500 CDs or more can easily be done in a short period of time on a silks screen machine. You should definitely outsource to a CD silkscreen printing company as a first option.

You should not pay a setup fees for any quantity because it is built in to the price already. You can get a huge discounts if you print 10,000 CD-Rs or DVD-Rs, and if you order regularly. If you need to print variable data print (VDP) on the Disc (i.e. dates, control numbers, serial numbers, etc.) expect to pay more.


Color Match can be done using the Pantone Color Library (PMS Colors).

Paper Labels is not recommended for professional and business application

Disc Ink Jet Printing is not recommended for professional and business application

Thermal ReTransfer (Rimage) for small Qty under 1,000 will produce a great looking CD or DVD but the cost per Disc is high

Can you Silk Screen Any Disc? Yes You can Silk Screen CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual layer, DVD-RW, Mini CD, Mini DVD, Business Card CD and business Card DVD. Expect to pay more for these Discs


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