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Everest II

Superlative color and durability
Everest II is the next generation thermal retransfer CD/DVD direct-to-disc printer. The Everest II features full color, offset-quality printing, edge to edge coverage, and durability unmatched by any other disc printing method. The Everest II with its photo-realistic printing and durable laminated finish is truly the world leader in disc printing.

  • Print quality ideal for commercial use
  • Prints color, monochrome and grayscale
  • The Everest II speeds through every job, printing discs in less than 60 seconds. With its offset-quality printing, photo-realistic color, resolution that exceeds most screen printing, and its industry leading durable printed surface; the Everest II is right for any job. Request a free Everest II print sample.

    The Everest II utilizes patented retransfer printing process. The CMY panels are first printed to a clear retransfer ribbon inside the printer. Then, using heat and pressure, the printed image and a layer of the clear ribbon are applied to the disc. The finished product emerges dry, durable, and ready to handle. The final effect is amazing - a colorful, high resolution, disc with your choices of photos, graphics, text, bar codes, you name it - in less than 60 seconds.

    The pigmented ink on the Everest II ribbons is UV protected, ensuring vibrant colors throughout the life of a disc. Everest II disc printing will pass any sunshine or dashboard test you devise - a significant advantage over other disc printers. And because the ink is not water based, you will never see a smeared Everest II disc. Everest II printing also won't scratch off�you'll ruin the disc before you can scratch the label. This enables discs to be used for commercial distribution because Everest II printed discs can withstand the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

    The Everest II employs an innovative variable dot technology, where the dots composing an image vary in size, resulting in sharper images with greater detail. In addition, the MicroDry ink is actually a thermal resin that contains pigment. This dry technology produces a dot with a fine edge. Consequently, dots per inch, or DPI, does not accurately reflect the print resolution. A better measure is lines per inch (LPI), and that is where Everest II truly shines. Silk-screen printing typically produces 85-120 LPI, and magazines are generally offset printed at 150 LPI. Everest II prints labels at 160 LPI�color or monochrome printing that is better than silk-screen!

    Full color printing for photo-realistic images, monocolor printing for special effects or economy, white media, silver media - all are possible with Everest.

    CMY print ribbons - these are the most popular choice for Everest printing. They work well with silver or white media and can reproduce everything from photos to graphics to sophisticated artwork.

    CMY+W ribbon - This is a CMY ribbon with an additional white panel. This ribbon can be used when maximum photographic reproduction is desired, particularly with skin tones and faces. In addition, the CMY+W ribbon can be used with silver media to print the full color spectrum and also provide silver highlights or dropouts. And, if you really want to wow your audience, use the unique layering capability of Everest printing to create discs with reflective highlights that can easily be seen, but can't be copied or duplicated. This holographic effect is an Everest exclusive.